Data Validation as a Service

Increase accuracy and speed of your data conversions with our digitized data validation solution

    NextPhase Data Validation as a Service helps you:

    Compare heterogeneous data environments within minutes

    Identify gaps resulting from your data conversion process

    Quickly assess work effort for retrofitting your functionality

    Eliminate manual efforts of creating scripts to perform audit and quality checks

    Data Validation as a Service
    (DVaaS) Features

    Implement data validation and data reconciliation across databases and files.

    Compares content of two databases with different schemas

    Supports Data Migration, Data Warehouse Testing, and Data Lake Testing

    Fully orchestrated with digitized results for Pre & post validation

    Use Cases for DVaaS

    Common Data Validation Challenges

    Manual Testing and comparing data across different data repositories and formats is very time-consuming and error-prone.

    Script driven testing is highly resource intensive process, error prone and expensive

    Lack of visibility in identifying data issues and its impact on migrations has cost implications

    What is Data Validation Automation
    and what does it involve?

    Reduce cost, increase
    speed and Improve data quality