Automation driven
Data Ingestion and Validation

Our Approach to
Data Ingestion and Validation


​Our Data Ingestion and Validation Services Include:

  • Data discovery and analysis
  • Automated migration activities
  • Audit and Compliance tracking
  • Data Validation and Quality
  • Data Pipeline Observability infrastructure

With NextPhase Data Ingestion and Validation Services you will achieve:

Monitor latency of data transfers and proactively address bottlenecks​. 

Validation routines that track progress and completion of data pipeline transfers​. 

Standardized approach and cohesive process to transfer data from multiple sources to the data cloud. 

Many to Many architectures that support multiple sources transferring data to your selected data cloud destination. 

NextPhase is uniquely qualified to deliver a Data Ingestion and Validation service tailored to meet your enterprise data management objectives