Our dataflo software
automation library

Our DataFLO Software Automation Library

DataFLO, our library of software automation routines helps drive consistency and quality in the data operations solutions we deploy and manage for our clients. With DataFLO, we leverage a collection of open source technologies integrated through our software orchestration engine to deliver the benefits of increased efficiency, reliability and economics to our clients managing their enterprise data in the cloud.


Automating data ingestion with validation rules to ensure data integrity and completeness


Prebuilt transformation models triggered through algorithms that can be modified to handle your unique business requirements


Protection of PII and Sensitive data and the application of dynamic rules to handle customer privacy requirements


Record changes made to underlying logic and immediate access to DAG’s to meet compliance requirements

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Automation Library Modules to help you expedite and scale your cloud data initiatives

Data Quality Validator

Software module that enables rapid data quality auditing across heterogenous databases, schemas, and table structures. Dynamically runs based on triggered events to ensure your data quality is trustworthy to support the enterprise. Delivers a significant ROI as opposed to commonly used manual comparison procedures.

Automation Library Modules to help you expedite and scale your cloud data initiatives

Data Pipeline Convertor

Automation module that expedites data transfers from source to destination including conversion of data languages. The Data Pipeline Converted is an easy-to-use software module and an optimal choice when moving On Premise Data Warehouse/Marts to Cloud Data Platforms which may require a SQL language conversion while retaining referential integrity and accuracy. Eliminates the needs for multiple Data Engineers creating custom scripts in Python, R or SQL that need version control and quality checks.

Automation Library Modules to help you expedite and scale your cloud data initiatives

Testing Automation

Testing Automation ​ Need to execute testing scripts at scale to validate that your code works prior to deployment into production? Our Testing Automation module enables your team to run multiple testing scenarios through a software orchestration framework and provide you the assurance that you need to rely on data quality. Designed to be triggered by individual calls or can be easily integrated into a change management framework it has the ultimate flexibility to ensure your code works. Reduce testing cycle timelines and increase reliability of code. Automated testing is an independent agent that enables your enterprise to trust your data.

Automation Library Modules to help you expedite and scale your cloud data initiatives

Pipeline Observability & Alert Notification 

Automated notification and incident management capabilities to ensure your data pipelines are working correctly. Avoid downstream errors and productivity impact due to incomplete or inaccurate data pipeline and data ingestion processing. Our data pipeline and alert notification module will automatically create incidents based on criteria so that your service delivery team has time to resolve the problem before your end users find out their data is inaccurate.
Improve the confidence of your data users by proactively notifying them of potential issues so they are not surprised by unplanned changes.

Automation to improve quality and reliability
in your cloud data lifecycle​

How does NextPhase
DataFLO help your organization?​



Avoid custom scripts that need to be rewritten and modified multiple times. DataFLO’s standardized framework means you make the changes in one place and use it multiple times.



Interoperable across multiple source and destination technology platforms with a simple configuration change, DataFLO’s software modules are built on a flexible design that can be used by multiple stakeholders across your enterprise.



With software orchestration, business rules can be easily applied across various scenarios and the dynamic software module is intelligent to recognize and adapt the appropriate logic.



The scale at which the automation library can be deployed and used surpasses any human effort required for the similar end results. The Total Cost of Ownership advantage and the skill gaps that are replaced through DataFLO’s automation library will give your organization an immediate ROI.

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