Improving Trust and Reliability
to meet your data monetization


Our DataOps Services help you attain:

  • Increased Trust and Reliability of your Cloud Data
  • Improved Governance over Data Operations
  • Better Accuracy of your AI/ML Automation
  • Compliance and Audit Requirements

With NextPhase DataOps Services we deliver:

Our Service Delivery model provides a seamless extension to your Data Team. Gives you the ability to expand and contract Data Operations aligned to your stakeholder demand

Our Data Governance service elements supports your Regulatory Compliance requirements with an inherent design for segregation of duties and functional firewalls between Change Creation and Code Promotion

Eliminate Data Debt by avoiding investments in specialist resources, tools, and process to develop a Data Operations infrastructure

Operational process driven by combining software orchestration with SOP’s and a shared services resource structure delivers consistency and predictability for DataOps ​

Our flexible service delivery structure can adopt a mix of technology solutions. Your choice of Data Integration tools can be plugged in to service delivery framework to attain the desired business outcomes.​

Shared Services Offering to
achieve your Data Operations Objectives

Common Use Cases for our Managed Data Operations Services

The transformation and migration timeline was tight and the client could not afford a very large team to create data transformation scripts to handle the data transfer. DataFLO Pipeline convertor module handled both the data ingestion as well as the inflight SQL translation while organizing the target data into an OLAP friendly schema. With the centralized command structure, multiple data feeds were activated to migrate the data from the SQL On Premise infrastructure and transform the data in flight into a PostgreSQL environment that was ready for visualization. 

Our Data Observability service elements will provide your data team the coverage required to monitor and track data pipeline performance. In addition to monitoring our services also include deliver notification and resolution services so that your Data Engineers are not distracted with false positives. We help reduce the noise and enable your data teams to be more productive. 

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