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NextPhase can help you jumpstart your Data Monetization initiative and unlock the value of your data with our Data Value Creation service. Using a proven, methodical approach, the NextPhase team will help to evaluate your current data landscape, assess your data strategy, and provide you with recommendations to help you achieve your Data Monetization goals and objectives.


NextPhase Data Value
Creation Methodology

Data Ingestion Validation Process

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Enterprise Data.

  • Help discover your enterprise data potential and guide your organization towards a data driven transformation
  • Identify areas of data monetization and develop a plan to attain those benefits
  • Establish a roadmap of data benefits for the organization and create a baseline plan for implementation

Business Value Matrix

Why Data Lineage is so
Critical for your business?

How Can Data Lineage
Benefit your Team?

Data Lineage benefits your data team to understand data dependencies, and determine the impact of changes to an organization’s data architecture.

Data quality profiling and impact analysis help identify data issues and fix it.

ETL developer can find bugs in an ETL job and check for any modifications in data fields like column deletions, additions, or renaming. 

Use Data lineage to identify the least and most useful data asset in an ETL job.

it helps to check the accuracy of reports and identify the processes and jobs involved when wrong reports are generated. Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. 

Data Ops Expetise
How Can

NextPhase can help you jumpstart your Data Monetization initiative with a collaborative Discovery session.
Using a methodical approach, the team will help to evaluate your data landscape, validate the Data Monetization strategy, and provide you with options to progress your Data Utilization initiative.

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